About PHPAdventure!

PHPAdventure! is a project to bring interactive fiction (text adventures) to the web. Although HTML, multimedia and similiar systems already exist, this project exists to fulfill a specific philosophy:

  • The project will do away with the parser -- all interaction will be mouse driven.

The parser and its associated guess-the-verb and guess-the-noun problems have long been a cause of suffering from both coders and players. There is no reason for this to continue.

  • The project will be based in a well-known, multi-purpose language.

Although I am personally more comfortable in C++, PHP is a excellent and widely used web platform. It was an obvious choice. However, some of the weaknesses either in PHP or my knowledge of it have made parts of the project difficult and confusing.

  • The project will allow a high degree of flexibility for the game programmer.

Derived classes with the full power of PHP and a system for easy introduction of new verbs both assist in this. In the future, integrated multi-media support (such as clickable image maps) should be implemented to increase flexibility.

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